Econ 842 Development II (Spring 2018)

Lecture Notes and materials for The Graduate Center’s Economics 842 taught by Jonathan Conning

  • Reading list (links to weekly reading assignments and slides)
  • Syllabus (course details and longer bibliography)

These reading and lecture notes on development microeconomics are written mostly as interactive jupyter notebooks which are kept at this github repository.

See below for different ways to access and interact with this content.

Development Microeconomics with Jupyter Notebooks

List of notebooks:

You can view the notebooks there or clone/download them to run them on a jupyter server on your own computer (see how here). The github content is also auto-rendeered as (1) a styled but static webpages and 2) a PDF book using Sphinx and the readthedocs service. The github repo is also cloned to a Microsoft Azure notebook library where you can run the notebooks on a cloud-based jupyter notebook server.

Some of this is still quite rough/preliminary content. Over time I’ll try to edit and improve. If you spot errors or would like to suggest edits or contribute material please do so via the github repository (start an ‘issue ticket’):